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Brush Clearing

Brush Clearing Services

When it comes to Brush Removal, we take pride in going the extra mile to deliver a comprehensive brush clearing service that leaves your property exactly the way you planned. We cut trees, brush, shrubs, bushes and more, but we never cut corners when it comes to high quality service at an affordable price.

Many times trees can provide necessary shading and privacy, while foliage and brush underneath trees can grow to an unmanageable level. In this case, Porterfield Lot and Land Clearing will remove all unwanted foliage and underbrush, leaving trees and valuable foliage undamaged.

Removing brush can be a daunting task without the right team and the right tools. Porterfield Lot and Land Clearing provides brush clearing services that are second to none. We guarantee the satisfaction of our work, and stand by our projects with pride.

When trees are left to mother nature, they often produce many dead limbs that fall and create a mess for you to clean up. We specialized in debris removal, brush chipping, dead-fall removal and more.

We have the right tools for any brush clearing job, big or small. Our top of the line Brush Clearing equipment can make light work of brush, small trees, shrubs and more. Even on difficult terrain, we are able to remove brush and foliage of all kinds in just hours.